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Brianna Y.
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HEY! If you give me a llama then expect to get one back! That's the Golden Rule of deviantART!

In honor of my 18th birthday, I am Dracannia, an upgrade from Icefire. This doesn't mean I'm making any new accounts, though. That'd be sort of a hassle.

Favourite genre of music: Electronic, Techno, Dance
Personal Quote: If I was normal, I'd be the most abnormal person in the world.
The story after the second book I'm thinking of getting rid of. It was full of fantastic stuff but there's just one problem that I realized two years ago that I didn't have the heart to tell anyone about.

I put it in the wrong continuity.

The one currently is in Animated but I think Prime would be a much more suitable era for them.

Maximals Reborn II is still set in 2010. I've had no inspiration to finish it. I wanted to continue on and make several books after that because of a roleplay with a friend from 6 years ago. I'll tell you what it was going to include since no one will ever see it happen.

There were to be more Maximals and Predacons. MUCH more. The boy Ian that we saw in the second book, along with Rosamund? They were going to become techno-organics. I just focused on them more because Ian had quite a decent part in the story.

But I'm skipping. What was going to happen in the end of Maximals Reborn was the All Spark freaked out after the final battle (which I'm still trying to figure out how it works, so bear with me). Its energy spread and a bunch of children were turned from human to techno-organic. They chose their sides depending on who got to them first (the Preds and Cons survived but were beaten). The Maximals lived with the Autobots once Optimus was promoted to a commander, and the Predacons lived in the Nemesis. There were several love stories that I will not go in to, but the most important was Ian's love for my friend's OC, Isis. If you dig through my gallery, you'll find them. Isis was Megatron's daughter, Ian is just this nice Maximal named Polaris (later becoming Archangel in an attempt to save Isis' soul).

Ironwing realized his potential as a dark magician. He inverted a few Maximals and Predacons to create the Behemoth that he brought upon the city. The Maximals had to extensively find other mythical creatures to help out, and they did. Archangel was the hero and defeated the Behemoth.

More love story, Hellcat and Starscream. Hellcat's a punk girl. Takes nobody's shit. She convinced Starscream to..... ANYWAY they had a baby. A hybrid that we later call a Tech3. 

Another love story, Sunstorm and Melody (Rosamund) go to join the good guys and they also have a kid, Pyrochant.

MORE LOVE. Skywarp and Scavenger. I was actually planning to leave their relationship in the sidelines, but things twisted and Scav was a pretty big help to the Maximals later in the game. But even before THAT love story, there was Sedna (penguin Maximal) and Skywarp. That resulted in Aquia.

Back to the plot. Because all that RP really was was love stories and OCs galore. It's a fucking mess. But eventually down the lane, Starscream killed Megatron and assumed leader position. That was just a bad idea in itself. He proved himself to be hasty and none of the Decepticons liked him. The Predacons ditched. Even Hellcat ditched. Finally he just broke down and asked for help. 

All four factions went under treaty.

The first problem our alliance is under is the Council of Vos. They still want to continue the war. They see it as a purge because they're prejudiced sons of bitches towards ground vehicles. The four leaders go to convince them but instead it ended up as a temporary rule that techno-organics are allowed on Cybertron.

So we all just shrug it off for a later date because now we're coming to a second problem that's going to affect the entire galaxy: Atlantica and Pyrogon. They are deities. Just as the Autobots have their Matrix of Leadership and the Decepticons have the Galva-Matrix; the Maximals have the Matrix of Instinct, and the Predacons have the Matrix of Territory. Both Matricies are melting, meaning son the deities will be released and begin battle. We have no frickin' clue how to deal with them since their monsters keep popping up and everyone has to fight them. Ironwing upgrades in Magmatron and Icefire into Dracannia to become more powerful.

Tigatron and Airazor show up.

Now how the fuck did thee two canon characters make it into the game? I'll tell you. Tigatron went to the Maximals and Airazor to the Predacons to explain the origin of the deities and of the Animox, the techno-organic animals. I have Tigatron's and Dracannia's dialogue saved.



Tiga: I am here to teach you.

Drc: Teach me?

Tiga: You are not the first techno-organic to wander this planet.

Drc: *raises optic ridge* You must be on something.

Tiga: Hear me out, miss. I come from that time, when Animiox roamed the Earth.

Drc: Then tell me why you look like you’re in your human thirties and not like robotic Rip Van Wrinkle?

Tiga: The Vok have allowed my lifespan to extend for a very long time.

Drc: That’s it; this is bull. *turns around*

Tiga: You can’t defeat Pyrogon if you don’t know his history!

Drc: *stops; looks at* Alright, crazy, you have my attention.

Tiga: Can we do this is in a more hospitable habitat? This heat kills me.

Drc: My room’s the coldest place nearby. Follow me. *walks inside*

Tiga: *follows*

Drc: The hell’s a Vok?

Tiga: A high race, very intelligent, and they have no physical form. Therefore they experiment.

Drc: Experiment?

Tiga: Although they are smart, they are not able to create a solid form for themselves. They are looking for a suitable figure. To do that they create planets and let the creatures live their lives under lesser Vok that report their observations.

Drc: … That’s… actually a lot to process… *opens door*

Tiga: *walks in* Ahh… This feels much better…

Drc: Sub thirty temp.

Tiga: It’s wonderful.

Drc: Sit down and tell me everything.

Tiga: *sits on edge of berth* Get comfortable.

Drc: *sits on floor* Story time. Spill it.

Tiga: You already know about the Vok experiments… They have created nearly every planet in every galaxy. Most of them are connected, either paired or in groups. Earth and Cybertron share that kind of connection.

Drc: Why is a connection needed?

Tiga: To support each other. When the Vok created what they call the Vectix Three, the connection line, it ran between a technological planet and a techno-organic planet. These two planets each had two Vok that were assigned to keep watch. To Cybertron were the brothers Primus and Unicron. And to Earth—

Drc: Siblings Atlantica and Pyrogon.

Tiga: *smiles* You catch on quick. Both planets lived peacefully, not knowing about the other. But what the Vok Council did not know was that there were those who did not approve of who was in power. Pyrogon and Unicron wanted to work together to bring a new order to the Vok. Cybertron was the first to undergo the devastation. Unicron took a familiar form among the Cybertronians, as a robot, and tried to convince the legendary Thirteen to join his rise to power. Only one had approved of his ambition. But that was all Unicron had ever needed. Primus foresaw a battle and also created his solid form, and they began the first war over Cybertron. The Vok warned them that if the fight continued, Cybertron would be destroyed and reformatted. So Primus ended the battle quickly. Meanwhile, on Earth, Pyrogon tried to convince his own army. Some were easily corrupted, craving the power. They called themselves Destrons. Atlantica feared the planet would be destroyed, as the Vok had warned those on Cybertron. She appeared before us, my wife Airazor and I. Well, I would not say “appeared,” more along the lines of “we felt her presence.” She gave us orders to form a group to fight against the Destrons’ devastation and we gathered the Pack. But as we fought we caused even more destruction.

Drc: And the Vok decided to pull the plug.

Tiga: Yes. That was when Pyrogon assumed his dragon skeleton form, coated in fire.

Drc: Guess that was his big “eff you” to the Vok police.

Tiga: *laughs* That’s how it was viewed. Pyrogon began to fight as well with his Destrons. Atlantica was scared, then transformed herself into a winged mermaid, hoping her water could go against his fire. She knew she was going to fail. So she sent me and Airazor to the Vok, as the truest specimen of the Animox. They accepted us gladly.

Drc: What happened to the Animox?

Tiga: Destroyed, all of them. The Vok imprisoned Pyrogon and Atlantica shut herself away.

Drc: The Territorial and Insinct Matrices.

Tiga: True. After that, the Reformation began. The Vok destroyed Earth and recreated it to introduce a new project: The Age of Reptiles, the Era of the Dinosaurs.

Drc: Let me guess, the Vok killed them off too?

Tiga: They proved to be very instinctive but regrettably unintelligent. A poor specimen. There was no point in letting them live for they were about to die out by themselves. The Recreation started. Fire wiped the lizards out and rushed in the Age of Mammals. As time went on, humans proved to be a more intellectual and… entertaining specie. The Council sent lesser Vok, whom are all your gods and devils.

Drc: Stop! *stands up*

Tiga: Have I offended you?

Drc: You better be telling me the truth when you say that El Shaddai, that Yahweh, that God Almighty is a Vok!

Tiga: The most powerful of this sector.

Drc: And what would that make Jesus?

Tiga: A hybrid. Can we continue this later?

Drc: Sure…

Tiga: As humans advanced to make the world technological again, the Vok thought it best to give Animox a second chance. They chose you, Dracannia, and your family, to be the next trial of Animox.

Drc: I thought we were morphed because the All Spark did. Because big bad Megatron was on his way.

Tiga: That only made it easier for the Vok to transform you. It was coincidence that Megatron arrived. Good thing too. Four years ago, would you have believed an unseeable race of aliens wanted to use you as a guinea pig? It was better to convince you that you had to destroy Megatron. In that it also favored Cybertron, strengthening the Vectix Three connection, allowing the two worlds to mingle.

Drc: Ugh… *rubs forehelm* This is a lot to take in…

Tiga: And now the Vok have sent me and Airazor to guide you and teach you to be the Animox that were planned all of those trillions of years ago. We are here to teach you how to defeat Pyrogon without causing chaos. The Vok will not reformat Earth a second time. They will give up.

Drc: So the orders are: Defeat fiery dragon-butt so these Vok won’t torch us again… then start a new race?

Tiga: That is correct.

Drc: Would the Vok allow me to live as long as you?

Tiga: Why would you want to?

Drc: Traditions die through generations. I want to be the one that ties it down, to be like you, to keep the… Animox way, whatever it is.

Tiga: You are considerably bright for someone your age. When the time comes, I’m sure you’ll be more than worthy enough to live as a Vok.

Drc: *smiles* So back to my question on God…

Tiga: Your Bible was not deceived you. God is an entity, a powerful being, and the epitome of both good and evil. He is a righteous one. But think of it… If you had known the truth, you would have perceived Him as just an alien and not praise Him. You may still praise Him, for He is one who deserves such.

Drc: … Hold on… I’m thinking… So, uh… God is still everything the Bible has told me? What my pastor, what my mom, what my dad was told me?

Tiga: Yes. Only His origins were kept secret.

Drc: Well that’s almost relieving… So where’s Airazor?

Tiga: She should be with Magmatron right now.


I will still use this origin theory in their new Prime mix.

Scavenger builds the Maximals and Predacons a base for everyone to live in. He turned part ant because of Magmatron's potions, so it's built like that.

But you know how this ends. We all win. The deities were defeated, put back into their reinforced Matricies to slumber for another eon. Over time we were able to replace the Council of Vos with Starscream at the head. With no more Decepticons around, the Autobots go to help the Maximals and Predacons find their own home on another planet (because the humans started getting really prejudiced against them) and they didn't come back for two hundred years, disguised as their human selves, just to see what was happening to their old home. Dracannia ruled the southern hemisphere of their new planet and Magmatron ruled the north. Officials were appointed, villages started, repopulation; all you new to start a new civilization.


So later on, almost soon, I'm going to start planning their story into Prime, which you can spoil yourselves on in my tumblr account: Enjoy yourselves and feel free to ask me questions from there since I'm usually on tumblr now.

The title of the story will not be Maximals Reborn (Remixed) or whatever. I'll change it so there's no confusion. Ideas are welcome, because I'm drawing a complete blank.

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